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To Race with us, Please follow these steps...

We are looking for active & regular drivers to race with us on a Thursday evening UK Time. 

These are our typical start times;

6.00 PM Official Practice (Optional if you have practiced earlier and done at least 10 laps practice)
8.00 PM Qualifying
8.15 PM Races commence (All races have an extra lap at the end)
10.00 PM Races end and we move onto race recap where we look at moves etc using replays. (Only positive stuff)
(Optional you do not have to stick around for this if you do not want to)

The Stewards will then go and review the races based on collisions etc.

 If you are not looking to race more than just once, please look for other clubs as we really want regular drivers who can race most Thursdays due to pit box allocation etc.

There are a few things to do below, essential to racing with us online and the links to these items are listed below also.

You MUST register for the club using the Discord link on the home page, Once you are into Discord, you must contact one of the Admins with your Steam Community I.D number which we absolutely need to allocate you a car on the server.

We also need your personal race number, this number is what you carry for your car livery etc if you have one.

Please check the overall Drivers Championship page to see what is available

Once we have communicated with you via Discord then you may wish to join our clubs WhatsApp groups so you can keep updated with news etc. 

We also keep things updated in the Discord Channels so WhatsApp is optional but also a bit more personal.

Our WhatsApp groups are the following;

Rene Sim Racers banter ( Like it says it is banter so do not join if easily offended as it is just anything goes as long as it is not too explicit)

ReneRmotorsport News ( Just a news channel that only me can put anything in, no-one needs or should reply)

ReneR Motorsport Help (problems, solutions, put it in here someone normally around to help, Remember most of us are working so replies can take time but not usually too long)

ReneRmotorsport Buy And Sell (Post items for sale in here or wanted)

I would advise to mute each group so you do not get lots of notifications, then you can look at them when you get time to catch up. 


We use a variety of different content throughout the season and this requires ALL of the content available for Assetto Corsa.

You can get the Ultimate version of Assetto Corsa on Steam and a great price and this includes everything that you will need to pay for.


Download this from the link below and install it. then it will ask you to point it to your Assetto Corsa installation Folder usually found as  C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

Here is download link (worth subscribing as the guy who designed it is a genuis!)


We use Discord to communicate with drivers on race night so you must ensure you have a working headset with microphone.
We unfortunately can not allow drivers to race with us on race night without this so please make sure this is all setup before joining our servers. It is advised to use APP version of Discord as online version creates frame rate stutters.

Once you have Discord installed & verified then please click this button below


We use varying weather so you need to install this, easy to install, download it from the following;

Once downloaded, in Content manager click on the
3 lines like below;

Then, click on
install from a file & point to the Sol file you have just downloaded

After this you will see the Sol folder appear as a zip file, click
install as below

From here you will have to enable it in Content manager.

Go to in content manager on the top right and click the following to get to correct screen;

settings - assetto corsa - video

On the right click filter and choose Sol as your filter like below.


We use SymSync as an easy way to download files and Skins needed for the League.

It is easy to install and to use.

SimSync is where we will host our files and is what we are moving to completely for 2021/2022

Please download the application from the link on our Discord Server under
SymSync Download, and install the files into your AC root folder, which is normally found here:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

Once you have installed the files into your AC root folder, you simply have to run the app "SimSyncPro", and select the check box for the series you wish to race in.


Once you have selected the required boxes, click the "
Options" button in the top right and click "Prefer Main Server".

Now all you have to do is click the "
Start" button in the bottom right of the application and it will download and install all of the necessary files automatically.

To see any files that you have installed, you will need to close content manager and restart it if you have it open, If you are starting Content Manager for the first time after you have installed from SymSync , then it will load the updated files, otherwise they will be missing.


Real Penalty is mandatory for all Rene R Motorsport Sim Racers and monitors track cuts etc.

You will have downloaded it to your assetto corsa folder using SymSync above , now it just needs to be activated.

To Activate it, boot up Content manger and click the menus listed below, 

settings -  assettocorsa - apps 

Tick the Real Penalty box (make sure Pit Lane penalty app is unticked as it conflicts if you have it)

Once you are sat in your car in game after pressing the drive button, then look on right for your apps click real penalty settings and then you can move your widgets around the screen to suit you.

Real Penalty comes with its own Heli Corsa so make sure this is in the middle along with track cut warnings so you can see how many you have done.

For each race of the season you need to book a series, simply visit our Discord channel  and look for Race Reservations and click a tick if you wish to register for that Championship 

For 2022 the password for all servers will only be available to registered drivers and drivers who have messaged us direct on Discord at the beginning.

The winner of each Championship will receive a certificate.
Second and 3rd place in the championship will receive a certificate also.

Once a Championship has been won and confirmed then please send me your full name and address, postcode and Country so I can get this sent out to you.

The cost of servers etc is around £40 per month plus £35 per month for the Website.
You can donate to help, This would be really appreciated if you are a regular member. There is a donate button for a one off payment or a monthly payment of as little as £5.00. This is found on the top of the home page.

I would like to think a more regular Driver will donate to the cost of running the league.

Load up content manager, click on DRIVE , then ONLINE Please type into the search box rene and our live servers will come up, It is best to click the missing Tab as it will show the servers where you have missing content so you know to SymSync them to get on.
If you do not have the content for these, the car or track will be highlighted in red text.

Remember to message us for the password to join.

The password is set for all servers the same so no need to remember and this does not change very often.

If you have any problems with getting onto servers please contact us ASAP as we will not be able to help on race day.

The servers are live 3 weeks in advance so no excuses!

It would be wise to test you can get onto the server a few days before Race day

All of us at Rene R Motorsport would like to welcome to our Club and wish you many happy and satisfying races



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Screenshot 2021-09-20 160031.png
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