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Penalties, Rules & Points for 2020

Driver Class ,Ballast & Intake
For the 2020 Championship Season
We run a driver class system with a permanent intake restriction rule.
(2020 Escort MK1, Megane Trophy and BMW M235i have no restrictions at all and a FIXED SETUP) to make it fair for everyone.
How it will work is this;
Each driver will be assessed for which class he will drive in, based on overall performance, consistency and previous results, But,you will not be in class A if you always get Pole Position, but never finish a race or always crash out!
Then, at every race that driver will run whichever class restriction he is with.
Please see the Drivers Overall Championship Table page to see which Class you are in.
This will be monitored throughout the season so that a driver may be moved up or down a class based on results but only if it is obvious that this needs to be done.
A driver will not be moved up a class if he wins by a small margin, but if he wins by a big margin then we will need to look at it.
Likewise, he will be moved down a class if the results show he is miles off the lead driver in most races.
Drivers in the lower classes score the same points as the higher class drivers
This will ensure it gives everyone, even the slowest of drivers a fair chance of competing in    the championships and having the ability to win races.
Class A Qualifying rule
Drivers in Class A must choose at the start of the Championship 2 Rounds which they are not allowed to qualify in. (Excluding Escorts and Ferrari 250 GTO).
Ballast Rule
The top 6 drivers in the Championship will have added ballast after Round 1
1st= 100 KG
2nd= 80 KG
3rd= 60 KG
4th= 40 KG
5th= 20 KG
6th= 10 KG
This is then fixed going into the last 2 rounds
The Points scoring system is as follows;
1st   = 25 Points
2nd  = 20 Points
3rd   = 17 Points
4th   = 15 Points
5th   = 13 Points
6th   = 11 Points
7th   = 10 Points
8th   = 9 Points
9th   = 8 Points
10th = 7 Points
11th = 6 Points
12th = 5 Points
13th = 4 Points
14th = 3 Points
15th = 2 Points
16th = 1 Point
DNF = 0 Points
Pole Position = 3 Points
Fastest Lap    = 5 Points
Race Format
We use a higher than standard fuel & Tyre usage format, The reasons for this are that we like to promote race strategies that can help the slower drivers compete on the same level.
If you are not used to doing a race strategy we give plenty of help and discussion during the session, You are not on your own.
Each race has an 1 extra lap added at the end of the Race Time so please make sure your race strategy takes this into account. 
Make sure that you setup a Pit Strategy in your car setup that may include putting fuel in at your pitstop.
Again anything you do not understand we help ALL Members to get setup and enjoy their racing. 
One Lap Qualifying
In some races detailed on the particular Championship page we run a one lap qualifying rule which means for the quick guys there is added pressure to not make a mistake during their quali lap to run wide or make a mistake.
This has really worked in the past and some people have started way down the grid because of this ,Losing them valuable points and giving other people a chance to snatch Pole position
How it works is this;
Once we go to the qualifying session you are in your pit box and depending on where your pitbox is depends on when you go.
The person at the front of the pitlane (the first pitbox) goes first on the time we agree on at the top of the screen.
Then in order of each pitbox that comes after the first one you then go at 10 second intervals.
You then drive around until you cross the finish line when you will start your Qualifying lap
On the start of your quali lap you MUST turn your lights on and drive your lap with them on
(If the car has headlights)
During your out lap your lights must be off (Unless it is a Night Race) this will let people know in mirrors that a car is on a Quali Lap.
Once you cross the finish line again then you must pull over and stop at the end of the straight after the finish line. (Do not try to complete another lap)
Your 1 Qualifying lap is your grid position, you cannot try again this was your Time that will be counted, please do not go back onto the track.
If during your out lap you can see a anyone on their Quali Lap (rare to happen but possible on short tracks) then you must move out of the way and let them through without compromising their lap.
All Races will be set with 100% Damage.
This will enforce clean and fair racing since people will not want to damage their cars            during a race and ensure everyone has respect for other drivers on track.
Racing by its very nature is driving your car close to one another and sometimes making a mistake that spoils or loses another driver some time. 
People need to remember that we are first of all having fun and also we are not                      professionals so accidents can occur.
If during a race there is contact which causes the innocent driver into a spin then the            driver who caused the spin will have to
within the next 2 laps.
If the guilty driver does not serve a penalty or own up to this or it is deemed to be                  DELIBERATE OR AVOIDABLE then it is up to the innocent driver to notify us of this                event and ask us to look at the replay AT THE END OF THE EVENING and we will look            at the footage.
Rejoining The Track After an Off
When rejoining the track after an off or a spin, Please ensure there are no cars on track          when you do so, Wait until the track is clear before rejoining.
Failure to do so will result in a Drive through penalty in the next race and the same penalties as contact  (See Contact, Above) if contact does indeed occur because of the guilty driver joining the track.
If within the first lap of a race an accident occurs that takes out 3 drivers or more and            they can not get back to the pits then;
The race will be restarted on the agreement of the STEWARDS ONLY (Daniel & Brian)
Otherwise there will be no restarts permitted during the race.
If there is an Accident on the Track with 2 drivers or more then regardless of what lap or        if they can make it to the pits or not then 3 drivers or more can vote for a
If a minimum of 3 Drivers Vote for this then the Race leader must
slow down to 100 KMH or 60 MPH and drive at this speed until the last corner, it is up to        the drivers behind to catch up to the leader and on exiting the last corner the leader is free    to choose when to start racing.
As soon as he passes the last corner & accelerates from the speed limits given above, the    race restarts and people are free to pass anyone before the start finish line.
If someone disconnects during a race , this will be treated like an electrical fault with the      car, just like in a real race there can be technical problems and the driver has to pull out of    the race or does not make the start. It is then up to the driver to fix the fault and rejoin.
There is a 2 minute wait on the grid for the start of each race so People have time to rejoin if they disconnect on the Grid.
It is good practice to ensure all Windows updates are installed prior to the race night a          good way is to turn on quiet hours in windows settings ( Bottom Right of screen the              Square box click it, Click on All settings, Then click on Update & Security, then change          active hours to the hours that you need the computer to not restart, I have mine set at            from 5.00 pm to 1.00am.
There are points for everything up to 14th Place so it is worth continuing.
Like Ayrton Senna said "Never give up"
To make the racing fair and as transparent as possible and to help the beginners,  
In our Championships during practice only, Anyone can request a setup from any driver.
When this is requested the driver who is asked for a setup from another driver
must disclose his setup within 10 minutes of being asked. 
This will ensure really good racing and will help the guys who are not very good at setting a    car up or maybe have not had the time due to work commitments etc.
We have all swapped setups anyway in the past ,so this is just a rule to make this racing club welcome to everyone of all different skill levels.
There is now a setup section in Discord for each Championship
Please upload yours (If you think it is good!)it to the relevant section for people to download.
First practice is set so that everyone has a decent chance of getting home from work being      able to get their tea and to get to know the track before qualification starts.
Please ensure you have taken the time either during practice or before hand to learn the car    around the track.
On Tuesday nights there is usually a few people testing etc.
The server is set around 2 Weeks before the event to give you plenty of time to make sure      you can join etc and set some laps.
Live timing can be found on the Home Page.
Please do not be afraid to ask for help, we are all here to help everyone have a great racing      experience and can help you using Discord, or you can email us. 
We all started from scratch so help us help you get the most from your racing experience, we  have in depth Knowledge of Assetto Corsa so can help you get the best from it, or your            driving, we can help you with driver coaching if you require, please ask , we are your friends  remember! 
It does cost us around £65 a month to run the site and servers etc.
However it would be nice if people from time to time were able to make a small donation to      cover costs as and when they can do so. 
Please find on the home page a Subscription Section that you can use to do this, you can        pay as much as £5.00 per month or nothing at all.
 I`m doing this as I love racing and I see it as a small price to pay to enjoy my motorsport without having to buy a race car!
So I leave this up to you if you want to help out when you can but I feel it is great Value for the racing you actually get.
Any payments simply go towards the running of the club and will never cover the cost of the   time and Money involved to run this club but it helps and a big thanks to those that do!
I sincerely Hope you enjoy your racing with us and See you on Track

Helpful Videos

A big thank you to one of our members Ian Weeks who kindly sent us some links to videos to help you with your sim racing.

It does not matter your level of experience, I suggest you watch them, I have been racing for over 30 years and yet I still find these helpful so watch and even if you learn 1 thing, then its something else to add to your racing box of knowledge. 

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