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This shows the overall Drivers Championship.

This is for every single point scored for each driver, for every race in 2019.

As the 2019 season came to a close there was one obvious winner and that was Daniel Hantke from Germany.

Driving exceptionally well and with very few mistakes was key to this victory and a very well deserved winner.

Great driving from Rene & Eric all season to round up the top 3.

Most improved and special mention must go to Brian, Jon and Marc.

Great driving this year fellas and these are ones to watch next season.


We welcome back Sam Markham and hope he continues to push next season as he could be the one to watch in 2020.


As we progress into 2020 I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every driver who has raced with us in 2019.


Each and every one of you make this league very special indeed and I love our Thursday races.and the great banter over discord and on the WhatsApp group.


See you on 2nd January for the 2020 season....




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