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The 2020 Rene R Motorsport


Sunday December 6th 2020


£5 Entry Fee per driver

2 Drivers Per Team

2 x Class A drivers N/A

4 Hour Race ,each driver must have same seat time in car

Min 3 Pit Stops

There will be a minimum pitstop time of 3 MINUTES

Cars Eligible;

Kunos Porsche 962 Short

Kunos Mazda 787B

LE-MANS 2020
LE-MANS 2020
06 Dec 2020, 11:00
Le-Mans (No Chicane)


TEAM                       DRIVERS                      CAR

1st Renstrop Racing  (WINNERS)  Rene Robertson/ Jon Astrop                         Porsche 962

2nd Fish `n Krauts                       Daniel Hantke/David Kelsall                        Porsche 962


3rd Racing Hoenors                    Martijn Mol/Hein Van Neikirk                      Mazda 787B


4th Novus                                  Calum Wilson/Glen Field                            Porsche 962

5th Skill Gap Racing                   Dominic Singendonk/Markus Singendonk      Porsche 962

6th Union Racing                        Robert Cormack/Bob Bartle                          Porsche 962


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